Fostering First Love Relationships

So how does a church foster the first love relationship? How does it return to the things that were done at the first? Here are some of the things that will foster first love in the local church:


·         Keeping Jesus at the center of every activity(children, youth, adult)

·         Preaching Christ and Him crucified

·         Singing love songs to Jesus and making sure that He is exalted

·         Focusing on being a God-pleasing church above a man-pleasing church

·         Making prayer and communion with God a priority

·         Scheduling regular times of fasting for personal and corporate direction

·         Highlighting testimonies of salvation and personal encounters with the Lord

·         Making the experience of the presence of God in our gatherings a priority

·         Teaching and modeling communion with God especially among leaders

·         Equipping every member with the ability to share Christ with the lost

·         Reminding the people to keep first things first (Ps. 27:4)