The women ministry - Women of Wonder (WOW)
We invite you to come out and discover what it means to display the wonder of God in the lives of women, teens & junior girls.

The Women ministry models the example and teaches others how to become the virtuous woman God has called us to be, so every aspect of our lives will profit from the product of WOW. The activities range from transparent open discussions about life issues, social events in the community, and times of bonding and deliverance from life's struggles and snares. We reinforce that we are more than daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives, but more importantly we are the Apple of God's eye....and a Wonder to Behold.


Men of Valor

The Men of Valor ministry provides for all ages a spiritual pattern for God's kingdom men. The men are challenged to walk circumspectly before God with integrity, commitment, and to be responsible for ones own actions. Men of Valor is designed to deal with the sexual sins that war against the soul of man, such as adultery, lust and fornication; issues of the man's heart, egotism, anger, jealousy, selfishness, and abuse of power


Marriage Ministry

Marriage ministry establishes God-centered priorities and practical resources for a healthy marriage in a culture that is designed to pull marriages apart. In order for our marriage to be healthy it needs to daily received attention, nourishment, and prayer. Marriage is a life-long process of surrendering ourselves to the Lord and to each other.


Senior Ministry

The thrust of the senior ministry to informal with activities that give strength and the sense of fellowship, family, and fun. The senior ministry will provide experiences that support and surround the love of Christ which believers may be edified (built up) and the unbeliever challenged with a decision toward Jesus Christ. We provide systematic Teaching Moments on life-related issues and Table Talk. The members and participants will enjoy an extended support system from those in the community in need, with a setting of acceptance and care.


Youth Ministry

The Youth ministry is designed to give a platform of voice and expression to children of all ages to celebrate who they are and to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Throughout the ministry our youth are walking out their testimony of conversion through gifts and talents in service. Weekly age appropriate sessions are in place to give understanding and shape to their God-given purpose, and by doing so the schemes the enemy has for their life. One of life's kingdom keys is to be able handle peer pressure. This can only be done through the Word of God and by godly examples of love and consistency. Children are God's heritage and we use a multiplicity of ways to enjoy their energy and creative ideas through public speaking opportunities via youth teaching moments, poetic expressions, liturgical dance, and artistic activities.

Sunday School Ministry

Diligently strives to teach the Bible using all scripture as the ultimate authority to:

• Inspire a love for and a growth in the Lord Our God.

• Help every age group to see how God’s Word applies to our lives on a daily basis.

• Educate, stimulate & build up about the greatness, the goodness & the power of God’s Word.

• Encourage the habit of daily reading and devotion in the Word of God.

• Help all to strengthen their relationship with God through and by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

• Teach ways that God’s Word connects us to the Lord, heaven, and the people we interact with daily.


New Members Ministry, with all Christlikeness within us, welcome our new members who were led by the spirit of God to unite with this great family of RLCC. The intent in mind is to inform the RLCC New Member in the beliefs, vision, mission, covenant and history of the Resurrection Community Church.

The Ministry endeavors to provide to them a, foundation for spiritual growth through biblical understanding as well as knowledge of the value of ministry as it not only, impacts their own lives but also the lives of others. To serve as a resource for new members desiring assistance with questions and/or issues related to, this church and the body of Christ as a whole.




Ministers in Training


Vacation Bible School


Deacon & Deaconess

The purpose of the RLCC's Deacon’s Ministry is to support and assist the Pastor as liaison to and with the congregation and to promote peace and harmony among the church family. The Deacon ministers/serves the membership and advocates the programs of the church.




Missionaries are to be the presence of Christ in the world. Their mission is to evangelize, spreading the Gospel throughout the world. The Missionary Ministry accomplishes this through intercessory prayer, visitation, scripture reading, food distribution, educational workshops, and donations of clothing and money.


Music Ministry

God has shown Himself faithful to the music ministry.  We continue in love for God and obedience to the call to minister through music.  Anyone who loves the Lord, believes that they are called to the ministry and desires to express the word of God through music is welcome to join.


Media Ministry is responsible for the photography, video and audio presentation (through our hi-tech sound system)  of our worship experiences, other celebrations and concert events, in addition the ministry uses computer PowerPoint presentations as a resource teaching and entertainment tool for the  Ministries of RLCC.


Ushers & Greeters Ministry is critical to the ministry of RLCC because they are the first light people see as they enter doors and are a true representation of the friendliness of Resurrection Life Community Church.


Liturgical Dance

As a worship team, our mission is to praise God through dance.  We explore a variety of creative movements with the hope to inspire and impact the hearts of others as we glorify our Father in heaven.




Youth Choir


Praise Team of Resurrection Life Community Church exists to glorify God in spirit and truth with love for God and one another and lead the congregation in worship with love and excellence.


Women's Choir


Men's Choir


Nursing Ministry

The Role of the Church Nurse:

• The church nurse minister to those in need of medical assistance.

• The church nurse is one who does not discriminate or select those whom she/he will serve.

• The church nurse shows her/his image of God through serving God's people, wherever/whenever needed.

• The church nurse deals with the holistic situation, the person and the problem, knows what to do as well as what not to do.

• The church nurse loves kindness, walks humbly, considerably and is helpful in relationships with all others as a true example of holiness. She/he is friendly, reliable, courteous and kind.

• The church nurse studies the Bible regularly and prays constantly.